customer-expectations-2Welcome to Part 2 of knowing just how to exceed your customer’s expectations every time!

Last week we covered 3 main categories – Explicit Expectations, Implicit Expectations and Universal Performance Expectations (Click Here If You Missed It).

Today we are rounding off this post with 4 more categories – Dynamic Performance, Technological Performance, Relationship Expectations and Situational Performance.


4. Dynamic Performance
As they say, the only constant is change – do not be left behind. Customers with Dynamic Performance Expectations have a need for evolution and this applies to your Loyalty Programs. Times have evolved from giving “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” offers, and brands are now getting more innovative with their offerings.

Your ability to evolve with your Loyalty options keeps you up to date with your customers’ constantly evolving nature and in turn gives them more every time.

If you’re wondering how to give your customers what they need, you can try asking them. By conducting surveys to find out what your customer requires or thinks of your current offerings, you can determine what your brand needs more or less of. You can even offer customers free Loyalty points to motivate them to participate in your survey.

5. Technological Performance
This category of expectations has some elements of implicit expectations in it. Your customers expect that as the world is changing with technological advances, your brand is evolving right along with it. Making sure your Loyalty Programs platform is up-to-date with the technological expectations of your customers is a priority you cannot undervalue.

For example, mobile sites today have become more and more interactive, bringing services to the one place the millennial consumer is constantly found – their phones. It is no longer acceptable to just have a website, you now have to offer a mobile site that not only works but delivers more.

6. Relationship Expectations
The bedrock of customer loyalty is the interpersonal relationship between you and your customer. Any brand who is able to establish a psychological connection with the customer would have more advantage when they decide to make buying decisions. The state of this relationship either boosts or diminishes the level of loyalty you get from your customer, and this is why it is imperative to your brand’s growth.

This can be achieved by engaging your customers through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, remembering special occasions like their birthdays and anniversaries, answering their questions in a timely manner with the appropriate solutions and more.

You can also motivate customer response and engagement by offering them incentives. For example, 20 points for liking your page on Facebook, 200 points for subscribing to your newsletter etc.

7. Situational Performance
This is the big kahuna – it is your ability to combine the above to form a super strategy, which provides the ultimate experience with your brand no matter what situation your customer is in. This measures the customer’s experience with your brand from beginning to end.

In today’s e-commerce world, brand loyalty is getting harder and harder to maintain, that is why you need a Loyalty program to solidify customers retention of your brand’s value. By making sure you merge the above categories well, you are securing a great experience for your customer no matter what their situation is.

You make sure you – give them value for their money with ‘welcome points’ and other incentives, match or exceed their expectations even while they use other popular brands, give them a unified customer experience by making sure all your platforms are in sync, make their experience with you stress-free by giving them technologically appropriate avenues to access your brand, and keep them engaged with your brand building interpersonal relationships.


Taking the time to really evaluate the customers you have and what they require from your brand right now, and in the future, can be the factor that makes or breaks your brand’s overall profit margin.

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