giftsWhile we may not be the best at rhyming, we are good at other things, including helping you figure out how to spend your Valentine’s Day.

The 14th of February is a day of loving like Barack loves Michelle, caring like a mother would for her child, sharing like the twins do in the womb, and making a difference in someone’s life.

Valentine’s Day is not just about giving and receiving expensive gifts, or choosing the right time to pop the question, but taking a day out to really make a difference in someone’s day.

It’s about being a blessing to someone. It’s about giving a substantial amount to that beggar you see at the same spot everyday but drive past. It’s about spending time with your parents, no matter how many times they ask you what Snapchat is. It’s taking the burden off someone for a day and allowing them breathe for once. It’s buying someone fuel for their car or paying their DSTV subscription bill.

Valentine’s Day is showing up when someone needs you. No excuses. No “I’m in a meeting…send a text” messages. It is stepping out of your way and showing up for someone that might really need it.

It may seem easier to buy something and gift someone you say you love. But what really counts is reaching into someone’s heart and striking a chord.

This, my dear friends is what Valentine’s Day is all about. Not about you…but about everyone else.

As you make today special for someone, CityCard wishes you and yours a spectacular Valentine’s Day!

Oh, and by the way…we love you!

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