Who are we kidding? Rewards Programs don’t sell themselves.

Customers don’t usually enter stores or buy from brands and go ‘do you have a Rewards Program?’, at least not in Nigeria. It becomes the job of the brand to share information about your rewards programs and let the world know all you have to offer.

This goes beyond sharing 1 or 2 posts on social media, it has to become a living breathing mechanism that customers can interact with and benefit from.

So here’s the big question you’re probably asking – How do I get this done? It’s simple really. It’s all about taking the right steps, no matter how small, to make a big splash.

Here are some suggestions;

1. Send Personalized E-mails: Studies show that email users are most likely going to pay attention, and even open an e-mail that has their name written in the intro or subject line. You can use this strategy, and some compelling and fun GIFs (take a look at She Leads Africa’s newsletters), to engage your existing or potential customers and let them know what your rewards program is all about.

Use bold attention grabbing text, images and say what you mean and mean what you say in as few words as possible. Try your best not to bore your customer but make sure to get your point across. And last but not the least, always include links that redirect to your program web page to maximize clicks.

2. Let Your Employees Do The Talking: After you, your employees need to know all you have to offer in terms of rewards and should be your number one advertising option. Equip them with the right information and task them, or a designated rewards officer, with the duty of letting every walk-in customer know about your discounts, Loyalty Card, promotions, giveaways etc

You can up the ante by making it competitive. Add an extra incentive for the employees such as salary advance options, extra vacation days and more enticing advantages to ensure they really give it the extra push.

3. Bank on Word of Mouth from Loyalists: After your employees, your loyal customers are your best bet when it comes to spreading your brand’s reward gospel. By doing something as simple as inviting your loyal customers to take advantage of your rewards first, you give them value they didn’t even have to pay for. And in turn they will share what they experienced with the world which will entice others.

4. Take the Celebrity Route: You don’t have to go traditional with it. You can enlist the help or fame of a celebrity and ask them to give your brand a shout out. They can engage in a campaign that promotes your rewards programs or simply mention your discounts, giveaways etc on their social media pages. This also applies for micro-influencers and large-scale social media influencers.

Lingerie brand, Sshhh, enlisted the help of R&B singer Praiz to make a lucky customers day, by announcing that the first buyer who made it to their store would get the chance to meet Praiz in person. Needless to say, the word got out and a substantial number of customers participated.

5. Advertise: Now, we know you may not have a big budget for big advertising, so that’s why we are referring to small-scale advertising. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram have easy and refreshingly cheap options to get the word about your brand out there, and they’re just a click away. Simply search for the Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads options on your profiles.

6. Use Traditional Marketing Tools: Never underestimate the power of the good ‘ol brochure or flier. By having your rewards options printed on paper and plastered at various strategic locations, customers will get enlightened while shopping and this will serve as a basis for inquiry.

This also includes radio & TV. These might seem like expensive options, but if you have the budget for it, then why not. Have your programs announced over-the-air and get more people informed and engaged with your brand.

7. Include it in the Browsing Experience: It is important for brands to embed and state its rewards initiatives clearly on their websites. This informs the customer of what they stand to get when they engage in the program and maximizes visibility for your brand.

Your rewards programs should never take the back seat. In fact, they are to be valued equally with your services & products as they are also a medium of exchange for value between you and your customer.

So start spreading the word today and begin your journey to more.

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