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When building a brand there are a few questions you have to answer. One of those questions, perhaps the most important of all, is who is your brand for?

Now, for a question like that, it’s between one of three answers – it’s either a man, a woman or both (we’re going to act like we are still in the 1920s and ignore the Trans-Gender community). You can either decide to offer products/services for men like men’s fitness gear, or women like lingerie, or for both sexes like chocolate.

But today, we have decided to cater to those brands that do it for the ladies; the brands that sell to the woman.

As you may have learned in 1 or 5 subjects in school, the woman has the buying power in the house hold. They decide what brands make it to the kitchen shelf, which brands are no longer good enough for the family, and how much money should go into purchasing them. In other words, they determine how much money your brand makes. This means, that in order for your brand to appeal to the woman, who is your target market, you have to be on her good side. And luckily for you we know just how to get you there.

To help you really target the ladies and have them flocking to your brand, here are 4 features women look for in a Loyalty Program.

1. Emotionally Appealing
When women think of the word Loyalty, the words commitment, trust, dependability, light up in their minds. They get emotionally attached to brands that offer these – especially if there is an emotional link directly to the female consumer.

We would always tell our female-oriented clients to bank on stories. Not just any story, but one that shows emotion.

Studies & nature have proven that women are the more nurturing and emotional of the sexes, which automatically means they value loyalty. So you can imagine how they feel about Loyalty Programs.

According to Loyalty studies, women see Loyalty Programs as an emotional attachment. They see it as a mutually beneficial relationship where there is no disappointment. And due to their discovery-driven and emotional characteristics, they are most likely going to shop with brands they already have a Loyalty program with.

Beauty brand Dove has mastered this art by diverting their aim from making money & selling products, to showing genuine effort and love for its consumers and who they are.

CityCard Tip: Create a Loyalty section that offers more emotionally attached rewards. For example, you can gift your consumers 10 points on their birthdays, or take a consumer from Bronze to Silver status for reviewing your brand on social media. With this your consumer will talk about you and all the nice things you do which will seal more consumers for your brand.

2. Community Approved
We all know how women love to chat and catch up. Most times they do this with their girlfriends. Actually, they do almost everything with them…including get advice on the best brands out there.
Women are very community conscious; they depend on reviews, referrals and other external information to make their final purchase decisions. They will call up their friends and family to figure out where to eat for date night, which store sells the best price of detergent, who does great hair, and the chances of them walking into your store and sticking around for a long time are very high.

CityCard Tip: Create a Tier System to provide the community they crave. Having a number of your consumers in the Gold Level of your Loyalty Program is a great way for them to expand their social and personal networks, and keep utilizing your brand based on their authentic emotional attachments to other loyalists to your brand.

However, please note that just because your target audience is women, does not mean that you cannot appeal to the men as well. They are the representation of their wives, mothers, sisters & daughters in the world and nothing beats a good referral.

3. Search-Oriented
We all love a good bargain, just ask the shoppers at a Black Friday sale. Women like to compare brands and their price points in order to get more for less. It has been discovered that women will switch brands in order to take advantage of a freebie, sale, discount or giveaway and this could mean more business for you.

Because women shop more than men & have the buying power, having the right value in your Loyalty Program just might be the right bait to reel this fish in.

CityCard Tip: Make sure your ‘Rewards’ or ‘Loyalty Program’ page is noticeable & easy to find, easy to understand and highlights all the rewards consumers can get. Female consumers are greatly persuaded by a sweet deal, so make sure they know yours.

4. Delivers on its Promises
Now that you have gained the trust of the consumer, you do not want to lose it. Not only do women bank on your loyalty, they are also banking on your promises not to disappoint them.

This could spell disaster for your brand in many ways; they could tell their community about it, other woman could read about it on social media and develop negative feelings towards your brand, and women generally like to stick together when their trust is broken.

CityCard Tip: Stay true to your word (it doesn’t get any simpler than that). Do & give what you’ve said you will and do not go back on your word. Nothing travels faster than bad news, it’s your job to make sure it’s not about you.

We hope we’ve been a great deal of help, especially to our female-oriented brands.

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