As the United States of America decides its fate for the next 4 years today at its 2016 General Elections, we have been forced to take a look within. The fact that 1 vote; 1 person’s decision to decide, has the ability to make a change that could affect the entire world, is a powerful concept to behold.

It is true that our decisions can make or break us, but have you stopped to think about just how powerful our decisions are, and how careless we often are with them. We see this in our everyday lives; from deciding to sleep an extra hour knowing that it could mean getting to work late, to choosing the wrong path if it means getting richer faster.

Every day we decide – sometimes after much deliberation, and sometimes without even giving it any thought at all.

What we should give a lot of thought to though, is where our decisions are taking us. What is at the end of the path we have chosen? Can you clearly see your rewards? Are they worth the journey? Will your time be wasted?

Be it voting for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, or putting in the extra effort to get major rewards in your favourite brand’s Loyalty Reward program – you always want to do it for the right reason and the right value.

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