A recent survey of small and medium scaled business owners showed the channels they depend on and use to market and keep their business soaring.

In the survey, we found out that 47% of business owners plan to spend more money on marketing in 2016 compared to 2015. Take a look at the breakdown of the marketing channels that business owners projected they would use this year.marketing channels 2016

Ofcus, with about 77%, social media advertising is the most popular marketing channel. Social media ads are efficient and affordable for almost any type of business. Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram are very popular channels that small businesses use. Everyone is on one form of social media these days, it’s an effective way to broadcast your business.

Customer Loyalty Programs are the second most popular channels that businesses use to market in 2016. The best thing about this channel is that business owners can know how their customers are engaging with their business.With access to customer data like visit history, return rates, and rewards redemption history, small businesses can analyze how their program is performing and what they can do to make it more successful. Most digital programs also offer additional marketing features, like email and sms marketing.

Although there isn’t a marketing template that can be applied across the board for every business, if you as a small businesses owner puts in the time to create a marketing strategy that includes several channels, you should see the customer growth and retention you’re after.

Original Content from Maketing Bitz: http://goo.gl/a6pA5n