Do you reach out to your customers just like we reach out to you? A lot of times small businesses disregard the importance of sending emails to customers. ParolZ already builds a database of customers for you, it’s important to reach out to them regularly. Telling customers who you haven’t seen in a while that you miss them,  staying on top of their minds and appreciating every customer are key factors to having repeat business. Want to send an email  to your customers through ParolZ, here are 5 simple steps:

Step 1:


  • go to and click ‘Merchant Login’
  • Enter your registered email or phone number and your password.

Step 2:


  • On your menu located on the left side on your dashboard, Click on ‘View Customers’

Step 3:

emails and sms button

  • click the button “Send Emails and SMS”

Step 4:


  • Apply your filters. You can find customers you’ve not seen in a while, customers with certain point values, or customers that came on a specific day.
  • Click ‘Apply Filter’

Step 5:

  • Click ‘Send Email’ or ‘Send SMS’
  • Write your subject and the content of your email or sms. You have the option of including a reward
  • Click ‘Send’ to send it to your customers.